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icon-mouse.gifAccounting Software

The accounting system used by your business may not be the most obvious nor the most efficient. We’ll help you choose the best package for ease of use, integration with your existing systems and cost-effectiveness – we can also train your staff to get the most out of it.

icon-arrow-up.gifAdvice for New Businesses

If you are thinking of starting a business, great advice is of paramount importance. We can give you the information you need, helping you to decide whether you should trade as a sole trader, limited company, partnership or LLP. P A Hull & Co. is well positioned to advise on VAT, PAYE, taxes, bookkeeping, cash flow and a wealth of other information that can help ensure your business is a success right from the outset.

icon-calc.gifAudit and Accountancy

Accounts are not just for HM Revenue and Customs - at P A Hull & Co. we believe wholeheartedly in the useful business information which can be generated monthly, quarterly or annually, giving you the tools you need to make accurate decisions at the right time.


If your time is precious, you should concentrate on what you’re good at and we’ll help by doing what we’re good at. The P A Hull & Co. bookkeeping team offers a trustworthy and thoroughly dependable service which takes away this vital but time-consuming task.

icon-arrow-right.gifBusiness and Financial Planning

Whether your business is new, growing or well-established, it is vital it is following a plan. P A Hull & Co. Chartered Accountants can help you devise, formulate and implement your business or financial plan, and support you so you can achieve your objectives in a more focused manner.

icon-graph.gifCash Flow Forecasts

Most businesses experience cash flow problems at one time or another. A cash flow forecast can alert you and even help predict when you might have problems, giving you time to plan for them, minimising the disruption to your business. P A Hull & Co. can help you develop robust and useful cash flow forecasts putting you in greater control of your business.

icon-clipboard.gifCompany Secretarial

Legislation is a constantly changing landscape and different businesses require many different approaches to achieve compliance. With years of specialised experience and a team dedicated to keeping up to date with legislative changes, P A Hull & Co. Chartered Accountants is perfectly placed to advise your company and keep you compliant.

icon-paperclip.gifCorporate Tax

Taking care of Corporate Tax is not the complex process that many businesses fear. At P A Hull & Co. we believe in the simple strategy of “The right action, the right timing and sensible planning” to guide you through the Corporate Tax minefield. Talk to our Corporate Tax Team and see how we can advise on reducing your tax bill.

icon-house.gifInheritance Tax and Estate Planning

Leave more of your estate to the people who matter to you and less to the taxman. P A Hull & Co. has a wealth of experience in this intricate and often complicated area. Contact our specialist team to discuss your specific arrangements and find the solution that works for you.

icon-clock.gifInvestment Advice and Pension Planning

Although we cannot give you advice about specific products, we can advise on and guide you through the various types of investments and pensions which might be suitable for you.

icon-arrows.gifManagement Accounts

The best businesses know where they are at all times, not just once a year. We can help you get a finger on the pulse of your business by producing monthly or quarterly management accounts – giving you the up to date information essential to navigate your business.

icon-envelope.gifPayroll Services

If your payroll is large or small, weekly or monthly, simple or complex, our payroll service removes the aggravation, saves your time and is cheaper than you think. The P A Hull & Co. payroll service includes preparation of payslips and all necessary returns.

icon-magnifier.gifPersonal Tax

P A Hull & Co. don’t just tell you what your tax bill will be. With detailed information and regular dialogue we can help to forward-plan, ensuring that your tax liability is a low as legitimately possible.

icon-pound.gifRaising Finance

Whether you are thinking of buying a business, additional or new premises, plant or machinery, or a new vehicle, or even if you just need advice on funding cash-flow for your business, P A Hull & Co. can help you understand the implications of your choice, guide you through the process as well as helping you source good funding.

icon-tools.gifStrategic Planning

Running a business is rather like going on a journey, and if you plan ahead, the journey is always more enjoyable. The best businesses always have a plan. P A Hull & Co. can help you plan where you want to go, develop the “Road-map” which will ensure you get there more easily, and then actively support you once you arrive.

icon-cog.gifSuccession Planning

When it’s time to stop trading, we’ll help make sure your business is in the best condition and is the most attractive proposition to sell on. P A Hull & Co. can advise on the best ways of dealing with the entire transfer process.

icon-exclamation.gifVAT Returns

P A Hull & Co. Chartered Accountants will guide you through the complexities of VAT returns. We’ll tell you when it is best for you to register and what VAT schemes to consider. Easiest of all, we can even prepare your returns for you.