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The construction industry can be a difficult one and our client approached P A Hull & Co. to act for them when the directors felt the business was vulnerable.

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Growing quickly, the directors often felt out of their depth with financial information. Cash-flow was a problem, with the company’s bankers requiring information which wasn’t easily available. The directors knew that they needed access to good financial information and advice on an ongoing basis, but they were reluctant to take on the expense of a finance director. 

We suggested that we could visit them monthly to prepare management accounts from the records kept by their book-keeper. Each month we meet with the directors during which we discuss how the business is performing, look at tax-planning opportunities and help the directors to plan for the future growth of the business and overcome the problems along the way.

As a result of these meetings, the directors feel more in control of the business and are confident of their future success. The company’s bankers are more supportive of the company now they can see that the directors are in control of the financial situation. Additionally, the directors appreciate being able to telephone for advice when required, so they feel extremely well supported.

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