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Take a look at these examples of how we work with existing clients.

Smart planning for tax-efficient extraction of profits

The four share-holding directors hoped to move into new and larger premises, but they were unsure of the best way to finance this.  Four share-holding directors had been drawing annual salaries of approx £45,000. Click here for full article.

Year-round support for your business to help you stay in control

The company turns over more than £1m per year, but it is managed by just one owner-director with two support staff, neither of whom have accounts experience. Click here for full article.

Help to make sure you have the best information to run your business

Growing quickly, the directors often felt out of their depth with financial information. Cash-flow was a problem, with the company’s bankers requiring information which wasn’t easily available. Click here for full article.

Sound advice about the practical aspects of running a business

Although they were confident that they knew the business inside out, they also knew that they needed a lot of advice about the purchase. Click here for full article.